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Still Here, Still Standing

Still Here, Still Standing! The Art of War!

Standing in the full authority of God, Pastor Shawna Adams declares that we are more than simply saved to just sit and wait for Jesus' return. We have been enlisted into the army of the Lord and must be prepared for battle. In order to do that, we must take up the full armor of God. There have been many messages preached about the armor of God, but you have not heard it preached like this! 

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The Most Precious Gift

The Most Precious Gift a Mother Can Give: A Sincere Faith

This mother's day message was given to encourage all women who pour into the lives of young people in any capacity. Whether you are a biological mother, an aunt, big sister, or a mentor, you will be blessed by Pastor Adams' exposition of 2 Timothy 1: 2-5 and the relationship between Timothy, his grandmother Lois, and his mother, Eunice. These powerful women are examples of how women are to greatly influence the spiritual growth of our young people. Listen to this Word to hear what the most precious gift is.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. We have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. We have been delivered by God from our sin and from the power of our enemies. Pastor Shawna Adams preaches this message with power and passion to remind us that we are signed, sealed, and delivered, and we belong to God Almighty! No matter what else happens, no devil can change that!

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The Life of The Sheep

The Life of the Sheep, The Love of the Shepherd

In this sermon, Pastor Shawna Adams walks through the well-known 23rd division of the book of Psalms with great detail and skill. She examines the similarities between the lives of humans and the lives of sheep, and illuminates our great need to be shepherded. You will hear how God is so very intentional in caring for God's sheep, being a protector and a provider, always present and leading us toward our pleasant place in God! You have not heard Psalm 23 preached with such passion, anointing, and clarity!

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Quitting Is Not An Option

Quitting is Not an Option! I've Changed My Mind!

Pastor Shawna Adams tackles the subjects of depression and suicide in this dynamic, life-changing message. There is a battleground where war is being waged and it is in the realm of the mind. There has been an infiltration of the mind and an infection has been released that has tricked God's people into thinking that they have no power to live or to overcome. Pastor Adams combats the lies with the truth of God's Word and releases a mighty anointing to reset the CPU (the mind) and give us fresh perspective and a willingness to fight on in the name of Jesus Christ!

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